Your partner when it comes to horses!

You and your horses are important to us.

This is why we have been creating the ideal environment for your animals since 1930, and now also as a part of CTB Holding.
A stable environment with plenty of fresh air and daylight, stalls and doors that fully cater to horses' needs for social interaction, sufficient room for movement as well as troughs and hay racks that are conducive to horses' natural feeding behaviour - these are all aspects that play a key role in the development of our concepts.
These of course are just a few examples of how we can satisfy your specific needs with regard to optimum husbandry conditions and the well-being of your horses.

Naturally, all of our products are produced domestically so that you can rely on the very highest degree of quality Made in Germany.
Our customers from all around the world have come to know and appreciate this for many years now, which is why we maintain several long-term relationships with our client base.

And if you are seeking a very special solution for very special requirements? We will find and implement the optimum solution for you, also in collaboration with our partners.